Christian Artist Michael W Smith Plays With the Spirit of Worship

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Michael W. Smith has the whole package: incredible talent, good looks and profound faith. It's easy to become disillusioned in the music business, especially after the kind of success Smith has achieved. However, through his faith and his music, Michael W. Smith is one of the true role models in modern American music.
Born in West Virginia, Michael enjoyed playing baseball like the other little boys around him. What made him different was his great affinity for music. He started playing the piano at an unusually young age. By the time he was just five years old, he had penned his first song. He enjoyed singing in the church choir, and when he reached his teens, he felt he was ready to commit himself to the Lord. He enjoyed a happy childhood nurturing his musical talent while praising the Lord with a group of other Christians in the neighborhood.

Beat the Passover Panic With 5 Preparation Tips and a Great Recipe Resource

At this time of year, even before Purim has come and gone if you mention Passover you may notice people look a little tense. There is so much to do in terms of cleaning and searching for chametz (leaven), and in the kitchen. For some reason cooking and baking for Passover scares people. I don't know if it's the fact that the whole build up to Passover is stressful, or the time element (most people have 1 or 2 days in a kosher for Passover kitchen to do all their cooking), but there's no denying the fact that people find it stressful. Here are 5 top tips to help you beat the Passover kitchen panic:
1. Plan your seder and yom tov meals in advance: find recipes, decide what you want to make and plan it all well in advance. After you have done that, think of some ideas for weekday meals that your family will enjoy. Try to find easy Passover recipes, as well as some that can be made in advance. In addition to main meals and side dishes, don't forget Passover desserts and cakes. Store bought cakes really can't compare to home made ones. One year I made only 2 cakes for the first day of the holiday. Before I had even lit candles the first one, a particularly delicious flourless chocolate cake had been devoured. Since then I always make 2 of those in addition to other cakes.

Why Should Hillary Clinton Voters Support John McCain?

Monday, April 23, 2012

This year Senator Clinton received 18 million votes from her supporters. Though she ran a good campaign she somehow found herself behind in a battle against the most liberal and least qualified of all party candidates, Barack Obama. And even as she quickly closed the gap on him and was about to overtake his lead, the DNC saw fit to literally chop her legs out from under her.
What they did was to strip her of all the delegates that she lawfully won in Florida and Michigan, and then just gave Obama half of them. That is the only thing that put him across the finish line and saved his candidacy from her invincible charge. So why would the party of change do this to their foremost female politician?

How to Cook Supreme Hard-Boiled Eggs



Ever set out to make a batch of hard-boiled eggs and wind up disappointed with the results? Greenish yolks, stiff or too-soft whites, even just shells that are difficult to remove? I have been there too, but now I know better. Making perfect hard-boiled eggs is simple if you can remember and stick to a basic formula. Read on for the simple formula and get ready to cook and serve perfect hard-boiled eggs every time!

For Both Women And Men, Rates Of Major Depression Are Highest Among The Separated And Divorced

Sunday, April 22, 2012

For both women and men, rates of major depression are highest among the separated and divorced, and lowest among the married, while remaining always higher for women than for men. The quality of a marriage, however, may contribute significantly to depression. Lack of an intimate, confiding relationship, as well as overt marital disputes, have been shown to be related to depression in women. In fact, rates of depression were shown to be highest among unhappily married women.

Harmless April Fools Day Pranks - Great Pranks That You Can Do This Year

Harmless April Fools Day Pranks - Great Pranks That You Can Do This Year
There are a lot of harmless April Fools day pranks that you can do to really trick someone. You're probably not sure which one you want to do this year. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some harmless April Fools day pranks that you can do.

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